Which of these do you feel about aging?

Do you ever worry about aging? Or ever avoid mirrors?

For some, the thought of grey hair makes ‘em cringe.

For others, it means freedom.

And in the pandemic, so many chose to go au natural and let the gray grow in, and wow, did it spark massive debate around the world!

Which are you?


Aging. That undesirable phenomenon that instantly dehydrates millions around the globe who can only quench their parched throat by drinking from the fountain of youth.


Aging. That desirable state of accumulated wisdom from tons of experience. The lines of survival a status symbol worthy of deep respect.


A hybrid of the two.


Something else entirely.

This month we’re exploring the topic: The Art & Acts of Aging.

We’re talking about how we “age  gracefully” or better yet, “age with attitude!”

I invite you to join us for this month’s class & conversation on Aug 18th at 8am or 5pm Pacific time. The more the merrier! Sign up at www.shegetsit.com.