Wisdom of the body

Tune out the noise and tune into your body.

This month we’re talking all things intuition.


Women, we are so so wise. Wiser than we know.

I’m still thinking about last week’s conversations in my daily activities today because SO MUCH GREAT INSIGHT was shared.

We dove into all the knowledge our bodies contain.

I know, I know, you’re super smart. AND, if you listened to your body and not just your mind, you’d be even smarter!

Seriously, when was the last time your body was trying to tell you something? Headache, back pain, upset stomach, rash, acne, etcetera.

Do you listen or dismiss it?

When and how has your body talked to you over the years? Have you ever experienced physical symptoms from too much stress, overwhelm, a toxic relationship, workaholism or something else?

Tune out the noise and tune into your body. It has so much wisdom to share.

Cyber safe hugs,

If you missed this month’s incredible LIVE global conversation, I invite you to join us for the next one. Lots of fun, lots of insights! Learn more at www.shegetsit.com.

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