Once upon a time …
I was an elementary school teacher,
a corporate trainer
& then a miserable executive.

Every single one of us is on a unique journey …

(But not all of us have to learn lessons the hard way … like I did.)

It’s time to ease the grind, ramp up your joy, & finally foster contentment in your personal & professional life.


I couldn’t figure out how to be authentically AmyK …

But the older I got, and the more I tried my hand at professional ventures that just didn’t feel quite right … the more I really started to “get it.”

I quit my corporate gig for entrepreneurial autonomy, got smarter & more strategic in my decisions, and stopped accepting so much nonsense.

I learned to communicate confidently & effectively, drew boundaries both at work and at home, and learned to stay centered & have FUN through it all.

Not surprisingly, through that process, I finally became brilliant in business and happy in life.

Now, it’s my greatest privilege to teach women around the globe HOW to do it, too.


In case you’re curious why 200+ and counting companies have invited me on their keynote stage …

I’m an international award-winning speaker, and Amazon #1 bestselling author of two books, The Secrets Leaders Keep and Get It: Five Steps to the Sex, Salary, and Success You Want.

My clients include Whole Foods, Expedia, Lockheed Martin, The Home Depot, Starbucks Canada, Comerica Bank, and hundreds more. I received my M.S. from Johns Hopkins University and have been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio networks including Bloomberg, NBC, and ABC.

When I’m not helping women improve their confidence, honor their worth, and become the best version of themselves in both their professional & personal lives, you can find me at home in San Diego, with my favorite human Scott and our bulldog, Moose, usually spending the weekend hiking, spotting dolphins or in search of a tasty taco.

“When I first met AmyK, I thought (if I can coin a phrase),
‘Wow, she gets it!’”

“Her leadership style wasn’t just theoretical. It wasn’t just well presented because she’s an amazing presenter and educator. But, it was usable—it was a combination of here’s kind of how the brain works and here’s how people get together …

But then also, here are tools you can use that immediately you can go back to your organization or your personal life and you can start putting these things into play.”

EDWARD (yes, a dude) | Co-founder & CEO of interRel Consulting


I believe we can change the world one conversation at a time—

Here’s what we set out to do every day at She Gets It


Serve with captivatingly radiant, high-vibe energy  — ‘Nuff said.

Be expansive — When you serve one, you’ll impact many.

Be generous — Giving & going a bit extra generates a lot for all.

Know your strength — Hold your own and help others find theirs.

Always be a student — After all, there’s so much to learn.

Keep it playful — we do serious work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Choose love & flow — It’s so much better than fear & force.

“I laugh that there’s no problem I have that AmyK doesn’t
know the answer to off the top of her head.

I’m just in awe of her—I’ve learned so much through her coaching. In my work, I have to do a lot of negotiating and positioning not just with sales customers, but then back to our corporate office and the styles are totally different.

Because of AmyK, I’m a better positioner and negotiator.”

MEGAN | Regional Vice President, Principal

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