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She Gets It is THE place for personal growth and Self-leadership for women at all stages of their professional journey. Here at She Gets It you can safely discover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within yourself and your team. It’s THE place to connect and engage with others, one meaningful conversation at a time. She Gets It is where diverse ideas, perspectives, thoughts and experiences are welcomed, shared, heard and witnessed. It’s where women from all backgrounds and all levels in their career come together to Engage, Empower and Elevate each other.

Who is She?
is a great self-leader, expanding her capacity & actualizing her highest potential. When She Gets It, she’ll be empowered to be the best version of herself – personally and professionally. When She embraces these valuable lessons she becomes invaluable to herself, to others, and to your organization.

She Gets It Services

Corporate Training

Harness the collective intelligence of the women in your workplace with fun, interactive & enriching leadership development sessions.

Mastermind Program

Advance the Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence skills of the women executives in your workplace.

Keynote Speaking

Ignite the thinking and energy of your teams by scheduling the international award-winning speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author and 20+ year coach, AmyK Hutchens.

Coaching and Consulting

Discover and build upon your strengths. She Gets It will help you be the best version of you – catapulting you to success personally and professionally.

When She Gets It, She Gets:

  • That Self-Leadership is a practice.
  • That energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of self-leaders.
  • That she must honor the worth of her own voice to lead herself and others well.
  • That brilliant, effective leaders harness the collective intelligence
  • That communicating to connect is the first language of leadership.
  • That she must actively and empathically listen so she can offer sensitive, perceptive and appropriately supportive words and actions.
  • That leadership & life happens one conversation at a time.
  • That she is the only one to write her story.

When She Gets It, You Get:

  • Stronger, more powerful and influential leaders
  • Confident and proactive team leaders
  • A more cohesive, collaborative and innovative workforce
  • Appreciated and engaged employees at all levels of the organization
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • An empowered and inclusive work environment
  • A positive, healthy culture
  • Leadership lessons that translate well both at work and at home

She Gets It Blog

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