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Welcome to THE place for personal growth for women who desire to align with their highest and best Selves.
A place to connect with yourself and others, one meaningful conversation at a time.
A place where ideas, perspectives, thoughts, stories and experiences are shared, heard, witnessed and welcomed.
A place for women leaders who want to more fully experience a magnificent, expansive & meaningful life – and share it with others.
A place to find the treasure of your truth.

A SharedTruth

A universal truth for many women is we’re lonelier & more disconnected than we realize, or perhaps, are even willing to admit. Most social media interaction is appreciated and yet simultaneously isolating and empty.

Many of us crave real connection. Meaningful conversation. In a safe community with other bright, intriguing, curious women.

Connection, through meaningful conversation, helps fulfill the fundamental need of elevating and expanding our thinking so we may elevate and expand our lives.

We’re replacing,

“What do you do for a living?”


“Who are you up to being?”

Three questions:

  • How lonely or disconnected have you felt in the last year or so?
  • How many times have you wished to feel truly heard and
  • When was the last time you went to “class” and left feeling energized and more confident about who you are and what you’re creating?

Participating in evocative & meaningful conversation has the power
to spark revelations, uncover more of your potential, and as Mary
Oliver would say, positively impact “your one wild and precious

Which is why
I’m creating this experience for
you & for us.


She Gets It.

She Gets It is an eye-opening, mind-expanding book club discussion without having the burden or pressure of reading the book. And hey, I’m an avid reader, so I’m not dissin’ the book, I’m dissin’ the burden.

She Gets It is a fabulous French salon with elevated discourse, dialogue and banter without the elitism.

She Gets It is self-growth and personal coaching without the insipid wheel of life worksheet.

She Gets It is one of the most stimulating “classes” without the midterm. Sign me up.

She Gets It is a fun place to enjoy your coffee or cocktail while we contemplate creative conundrums, curveballs, life challenges & choices and conceptual canvases.

She Gets It is a kick-ass place to be — to expand your thinking, be in conversation and community and connect with other intellectually curious, vibrant women.

We’re replacing,

“What’s on your To Do list?”


“What’s your experience… ?”

A brilliant place to be.

If you’re tired of ho-hum conversations, or you know all-too-well who is going to say what at your next girls’ gathering, then She Gets It is the perfect place to shake the conversation up.

If you’re constantly supporting others, but don’t have a safe place to be seen, heard and listened to yourself… She Gets It is the perfect place to be supported and inspired.

If you’re craving a stimulating, fun and fresh way to connect with other amazing women without the layer of competitiveness at industry events, you clearly understand She Gets It is the perfect place to relax and be welcomed… for who you are as a woman.

And bonus… all of these rich dialogues will spark even more stimulating conversations with your friends, family members and significant other. Unless of course you love dinner conversations hijacked by headline news every night.

Join a monthly class and get valuable tools, brilliant insights and profound connectivity.

What You Get

In Each Class

  • Concept Overview Video from AmyK
  • Contemplative Journaling Guide: High-Level Questions for Your Reflection & Growth
  • Conversation Companion Workbook to Guide In-Class Conversations
  • LIVE Coffee, Cocktails & Conversation 60 Minute Class Facilitated by AmyK

Once registered for a class, you’ll receive an Intro Video to the Class Concept. This short video provides an overview of the month’s concept and will immediately ignite your thinking.

Along with the video, you’ll receive the Contemplative Journaling Guide which presents open-ended, thought provoking prompts to spark reflection as you journal, walk or sip your favorite coffee or cocktail.

Beautifully designed and wisely constructed, this guide will help you put things in perspective and uplift & expand your thinking. It may even serve as a catalyst for igniting a whole new way of being. Utilize at your convenience. Pssst… there’s no quiz. We’re not even grading on a curve. Relax, enjoy, contemplate.

On the third Wednesday of every month at 8am or 5pm Pacific time, you’ll be invited to join us for the Coffee, Cocktails & Conversation Class on a Zoom call for 60 minutes. The monthly concept & the juicy, meaningful conversation questions are provided in the Conversation Companion Workbook. All you have to do is show up as 100% you, ready to give and receive the gift of deep dialogue.

Leave these meaningful classes & conversations feeling seen, heard, understood, stimulated, uplifted and expanded.

Your voice heard.

60 Minute Conversation Format


  • Welcome and Theme Instruction

Breakout Groups of 5

  • Warm Up Connection Question
  • Initial Theme Questions


  • Shares and Theme Instruction

Breakout Groups of 5

  • Open Discussion


  • Shares
  • Key Takeaways & Closure

We’re replacing networking and,

“What’s your title?”

With connecting and

“What’s your origin story?”

Frequently Asked


Who’s it ideally for?
Active women leaders of a certain age who are ageless. At this point in your life, you’re far more intrigued by provocative discourse than prosaic debate.

What technology is required?
Your ability to accept emails, open a pdf and participate on a Zoom call.

How much time is required for each class?
Each class meets, via a Zoom call, on the third Wednesday of every month at 8am or 5pm Pacific time. Each session is 60 minutes in length. With each class you’ll also receive a Contemplative Guide containing thought-provoking questions. Put in as much time and energy as you want with these prompts. They’re there when you need ‘em.

What if I’m in the UK, Australia, or somewhere other than AmyK’s San Diego?
If your time zone is coffee when another’s is cocktails, well that’s gonna be one brain buzzin’ conversation and fun class.

What if I have to miss the class?
I got your back! All good. My intro concept video for the class will be recorded and available. The class instruction will be recorded and available. The breakout conversations will NOT be recorded, but the main content will be accessible and available to you.

What types of topics will ignite our meaningful conversations?
Think new, fresh, engaging and not your typical conversations. In fact, this has been one of the MOST fun aspects for me. Researching, developing and formulating robust and unique topics worthy of your time and reflection. I invite you to check out our class schedule. Join us for a single class, give it a test drive and see for yourself.

Are these classes also a networking group?
Leave your biz cards in their case. You’ll definitely make new connections, maybe even develop beautiful new friendships…which is so hard later in life and even more so right now, BUT, it’s not about networking, goal setting or job titles. These classes are about conversation, community and connection… from one smart, curious, fun woman to another.

What’s the investment?

  • A single class is $47. Try it out… pretty sure you’re gonna love ‘em and want more of ‘em.
  • Think of it as mind, heart & soul therapy… for less than a coaching session.


  • Because you want to feel more expanded.
  • Because you crave meaningful conversation & connection.
  • Because you want to spark your way of thinking, seeing, doing & being.
  • Because you love to learn & grow, but don’t love studyin’ or crammin’ for exams.
  • Because you desire to leave a class with conversations saying,
    “I feel like the best version my true self.”
    “My head & heart are filled with possibilities.”
    “What an incredibly cool, stimulating & meaningful class!”
    “That experience just filled me up in unexpected & delightful ways.”

Upcoming Class Schedule

Click on a class below and start experiencing a whole lot of personal growth, self-coaching, connection, meaningful conversation and community.

Love it? Want more of it? I offer classes every month!

Emotionally Enlightened: Feeling all the Feels

October 20, 2021 – 8am or 5pm Pacific Time


Class Includes: Contemplative Journaling Guide, Concept Video, Companion Workbook and Zoom link for LIVE Call

Most of us were taught that there are only three emotions: mad, sad, glad. While those are definitely feelings we all experience, thinking there are only three states of being is woefully limiting, completely inaccurate and it truncates your emotional intelligence. The #1 differentiator between good leaders and incredibly brilliant [and wildly profitable] ones is Emotional Intelligence. The research is staggering on how a high EQ improves everything from self-awareness to relationships to our levels of productivity and joy. So we’re going “back-to-school” with a class in EQ skills. Emotional literacy, empathy and emotional intelligence are foundationally about communication and connection. In this class I’m sharing how an expanded emotional vocabulary expands your ability to communicate, connect, collaborate and lead. Yourself and others. I’m also sharing the questions you can ask a wide range of emotions or states so you can learn from them. We’ll take a closer look at anger, apathy, guilt, shame, fear, confusion, anxiety and envy, to name a few, so you can learn how to work through them and benefit from them rather than repress them. All of which helps you build better relationships, advance your problem-solving skills, make better decisions, be a better leader and experience more contentment. Join me and become an Emotionally Enlightened leader.

Meet theFoundingShe

Meet theFoundingShe


AmyK is an international award-winning speaker, Amazon #1 bestselling author of two books, The Secrets Leaders Keep and Get It: Five Steps to the Sex, Salary and Success You Want. Her clients include Expedia, Lockheed Martin, The Home Depot, Starbucks Canada, Comerica Bank, and hundreds more.

AmyK’s zone of genius is communication – connecting brilliant women leaders one conversation at a time.

AmyK received her M.S. from Johns Hopkins University and has been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio networks including Bloomberg, NBC and ABC. She resides in San Diego, CA.

Join the conversation on Instagram @SheGetsItCommunity