Coaching and Consulting

Hey, there! AmyK here.

Coaching is a calling.


Let’s get a few things on the record before we go any further.

I didn’t always want to be a coach.

Strange thing to read on a website offering coaching services, and it’s true. Over two decades ago, I encountered several “life coaches” carrying around this insipid wheel of life worksheet, promising to smooth the bumps in the road of your life, and I found it formulaic. And a total turn off.

But coaching kept knocking at my door.

As I continued to speak, leaders kept calling. They needed a smart and safe sounding board for some of their toughest conversations, most difficult decisions and troubled relationships.

And… they loved our conversations.

Every time I connected with a client in a “consulting” session — there’d be a breakthrough. Something miraculous and magical happened. Every. Single. Time.

Years ago, after another such marvelous and mind-blowing call, the Universe whispered in my ear, “Why are you resisting something you’re so obviously meant to be doing?! Coaching’s your gift — channel this gift and serve.”


…I didn’t want to do it like everybody else. 

My approach was unique. I didn’t want to “mess up” my methodology by doing it the way everybody else thought it should be done. So I turned my back on it for years, referred others elsewhere, and “consulted” when asked. Until, in 2005 when the Universe didn’t just knock, she swung the coaching door wide open and planted my butt in a seat right in front of world renowned life coach Martha Beck. I surrendered, got certified as a life coach and never looked back. But, I’m still doing it my way. 😉

I share this history because my coaching is a unique blend of Socratic questioning, critical thinking, cognitive science, Buddhist practices, metacognition, mindset and tough love.

I look at life as unfolding one conversation at a time. The conversations you have at work, at home and with yourself. Each of these conversations, navigated successfully, can lead to a wildly profitable life.

I define profitability as:

Time, dollars, energy, connection, love of job, breakthroughs, problems solved, relationships healed, boundaries established and life fully lived… at your highest potential and as your best Self.

To this day I will tell you there’s a greater force at work when I coach. What happens for my clients is divine in nature and I am simply the guide. A guide who will help you create a life of ease and joy… one conversation at a time.

In my coaching sessions, I help you discover and build upon your strengths.  I redirect you from the negative way of thinking and help to instill a positive mindset – at work and at home.

I help you GET IT. I help you get the confidence, the motivation, the drive and desire to focus on the brilliance and value that you possess. Are you ready to catapult your career? Are you ready to enjoy your life? Are you ready to be the best version of you? Let’s connect!

AmyK’s ability to quickly get straight to the root cause of an issue means you fix it fast. I love her approach and ability to always give me the right words or framework to lead a tough conversation. Each time I have a coaching session, I feel a renewed sense of ‘I’ve got this!’ Highly, highly recommend AmyK.

You are the Ferrari of coaching and we are taking a ride. 🙂

Let’s Connect!
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AmyK is the mentor and coach I had been hoping for my entire career. Not only is she brilliant, but her direct approach coupled with her authentic compassion challenges me with every conversation. She never misses an opportunity to “dig-in” and get to the root of things. I never walk away from our time together without learning something new about what I want, both personally and professionally, and practical next steps on how to get it. As a woman in leadership, navigating her way through the corporate world, having AmyK’s mentorship has opened my mind to new ways of thinking and allowed me to dream bigger and strive for better. Her mentorship is having a huge impact on what the next season of my career will look like. She is a living unicorn in the business & coaching world.

AmyK’s already had such a positive impact on my life – professionally and personally. The skills and tips I’m learning get me results! AmyK takes the time to delve into my issues & she gives me practical, actionable steps that get resolutions fast. The return on investment is both instant and ongoing.