a SMART & SAFE SOUNDING BOARD for your tough CONVERSATIONS, difficult DECISIONS, and mind-boggling QUESTIONS

An insight that stops you right in your tracks, a Magical Phrase to communicate clearly, and the confidence you need to take the next best step.

And all in an hour?! Yep.

1:1 Coaching & Consulting with AmyK

My coaching is a unique blend of metacognition, mindset work, and tough love.

Taking cues from Socratic questioning and ancient Buddhist practices, we’ll hunker down for some good ol’ fashioned critical thinking … with a friendly safety net, of course.

I’ll help you finally get it— confidence, motivation, drive,
and desire rooted in your innate brilliance and value.


  • Every day at work and at home you find yourself second-guessing something—from whether to speak up in a tense work convo, to how you’re responding to your boss, kid, or spouse … or even what on earth to order for dinner … making some decisions feels like you’re stuck on a merry go-’round of considering every angle … and just wanting to get off already. 
  • Your mind’s in a million places—no matter how you try to prioritize, somehow you always find yourself blurring boundaries between work & life and as much as you may not want to admit it, you’re feeling a bit “unbalanced” & a skosh resentful about it all.
  • Your team is full of rockstars [and, of course there’s that one burr in your saddle] —and you’re not quite sure what to say or do to ignite all of ‘em, but they’re all looking at you to lead and you’ve got a bit o’ stage fright.
  • You’re one cool cat, but when it comes to corporate life, you feel like you’ve gotta shelf your shining personality and let it take a backseat to your business M.O. … which has you wondering why more people don’t seem to connect with you—and heck, why you’re not feeling connected with yourself.
  • You stepped into a management role and now realize it includes managing up and sideways, too. Some days all the relationship dynamics and moving powerplays have you wondering about this “play date” you signed up for.
  • You know you have what it takes to lead in business—and you’ve worked hard to make it to where you are today—but with each rung of the corporate ladder you climb, there seem to be even bigger questions you’re stuck wondering how to answer.

I hear you—let’s talk it out.

When you book a coaching session with me—you get:

1 hour of my undivided attention to answer your questions, process your quandaries, set you up to successfully navigate your toughest conversations (with yourself & others), and make sense of what’s going on in your mind.

Any tools & resources I have available to implement the strategies we discuss, plus action steps to take as you move forward.

All for your one-time investment of $1,500.

Save up to $3,000 when you select a session bundle:

Three One-Hour Sessions: $3,750

($1,250 per session)

Six One-Hour Sessions: $6,000

($1,000 per session)

Real clients.
Real results.

“You are the Ferrari of coaching and we are taking a ride. :-)”

Terry LaRoche, Realtor, Los Angeles, Century 21 Masters Top Producer

“AmyK’s already had such a positive impact on my life — professionally and personally. The skills and tips I’m learning get me results! AmyK’s coaching has truly helped me and my team up our game. Her skills and approach have made us more accountable, actionable and overall morale has increased dramatically. All of this attributed to our overall company’s growth from $8M to over $22M in just one year — and all during the pandemic as well”

Hollis Bufferd, CEO, Starhill Financial

“AmyK is the mentor and coach I had been hoping for my entire career. Not only is she brilliant, but her direct approach coupled with her authentic compassion challenges me with every conversation. She never misses an opportunity to “dig-in” and get to the root of things. I always walk away from our time together learning something new about what I want, both personally and professionally, and with practical next steps on how to get it. She is a living unicorn in the business & coaching world."

Jacquelyn Oldham, VP of Product Development & Integration, Unleashed Brands

“From the very first session with AmyK, I’ve been blown away with our results. AmyK’s coaching helped my team increase sales by 25% during a pandemic! My team ended the year in the top 3 in the company, and I got promoted from Director to Regional Vice President. AmyK’s simple tweaks, her Magical phrases, her ability to unlock a mindset block, and all her insights on how I can lead more collaboratively has made an enormous impact. And bonus, we’re having more fun! Thank you, AmyK!”

Megan Summers, Regional Vice President, Principal

“AmyK’s ability to quickly get straight to the root cause of an issue means you fix it fast. I love her approach and ability to always give me the right words or framework to lead a tough conversation. Each time I have a coaching session, I feel a renewed sense of ‘I’ve got this!’ Highly, highly recommend AmyK.”

Jennifer Kincart Jonsson, President, A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure

    Let’s uncover and build upon your strengths to find
    a positive and confident mindset—at work and at home.

    Life is unfolding one conversation at a time. Let’s start ours.