Corporate Training

Training Workshops

At She Gets It, we customize our workshops based on your company’s needs.  Our goal in these workshops is to empower women to find their individual confidence and leadership voice.  We build on strengths and close the gaps on weaknesses.  These fun and interactive sessions are all about harnessing the collective intelligence of women in the workplace.  After all, when one of us wins, the entire team wins!

Whether your team needs a little boost, a more positive communication process or an entire reboot, we can help!

The following workshops are available:

  • She Gets It: Communicating to Connect
  • She Gets It: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • She Gets It: Harnessing the Potential of Healthy, Aligned Teams

Bundle package pricing includes workshop and keynote speaking.

Contact us to schedule your in-person or online 2 hour, 3 hour, half-day, full day or multi-day retreat workshop(s) today!

Monthly Classes

At She Gets It, we designed classes that will benefit your entire team. Beautifully designed and wisely constructed, these monthly classes will help you put things in perspective and uplift and expand your thinking. Our class playbook can serve as a catalyst for igniting a whole new way of being. Those who have gone through the classes believe they encourage, empower, engage and elevate women.

On the third Wednesday of every month at 8am Pacific time, join us for an hour-long Coffee, Cocktails & Conversation Class on a Zoom call. The monthly concept and juicy, meaningful conversation questions are provided in the Conversation Companion Workbook. All you have to do is show up as 100% you, ready to give and receive the gift of deep dialogue.

Participants leave these meaningful classes & conversations feeling seen, heard, understood, stimulated, uplifted and expanded.

Ready to start experiencing a whole lot of personal growth, self-coaching, connection, meaningful conversation and community?

The 2022 Class Schedule is Now Available!

We offer the following class pricing options:

  • Individual Class
  • Small Group (5 to 10 people)
  • Corporate Program (11 to 100 people)
  • Large Group Program (100+ people)

Contact us for pricing, availability and for more information about customizing to meet your program objectives.