Less stress, more confidence, and tools that can change lives & careers for the better.

No one wants another boring professional development program. I get it.


Whether your team needs a little boost, a more positive communication process, or a top-to-bottom reboot, these fun, intense, and interactive sessions are all about harnessing the collective intelligence of women in the workplace.

My zone of genius is powerful communication–  engaging brilliant female leaders in one profitable conversation at a time.

When SHE GETS IT, companies get:

  • Stronger, more powerful, and influential leaders
  • Confident and proactive team leaders
  • Retained, loyal, and committed team members.
  • A more cohesive and collaborative workforce
  • Engaged employees who feel appreciated at all levels of the organization
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • An empowered and inclusive work environment
  • Positive lessons that translate into both work and home life.

Got a Minute? Watch me in action—it’s fun!

(At least that’s what I’ve heard.)

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1-on-1 with AmyK

Here’s how we can WORK TOGETHER:

The following workshops are available:

  • She Gets It: Communicating to Connect
  • She Gets It: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • She Gets It: Harnessing the Potential of Healthy, Aligned Teams

Presentation formats include 1-3 hour interactive sessions as well as full-day and multi-day retreats.

If these brilliant organizations trust me to help their
leaders... you can too

... plus hundreds more

Real clients.
Real results.

“AmyK is a master at her craft. Not a week goes by without me using a tool or a technique that I learned from AmyK - some of them from over 10 years ago! She continues to deliver clarity and simplicity when it comes to Leadership and Communication skills. AmyK's 'magical phrases' are just that - magical. Highly recommended."

Steve Gilroy, Chair, Vistage UK

“We had the pleasure of experiencing AmyK’s communications training twice in the last 4 months, once for our management team and then once for our direct reports. There are so many digestible and actionable takeaways that are applicable to myriad situations we encounter both at the office and personally. We all left the training armed with new tools to help with difficult communications. The training is empowering, interactive and full of wisdom. We are hoping to make this an annual training for our teams!”

Mikayla Reine, Chief Operating Officer, First Page Sage

“AmyK is phenomenal to work with! She is a highly engaging and thought-provoking speaker. We’ve had her speak multiple events and she knocks it out of the park each time. She motivates and inspires our attendees and gives them a lot of take-aways that can be easily implemented. AmyK and her team are a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Hiring AmyK for your next event is a MUST!”

Katherine Nyerick, Director of Education, Washington Bankers Association

“I cannot think of a more meaningful way to invest back in my team than a session with AmyK! Establishing herself as a world class leader, communicator, and role model, she understands the real challenges business professionals face in today’s ever-changing workplace. Her artful use of humor, storytelling, and engaging thought exercises leave her audience energized and inspired. Fused with her scientific, yet fresh, approach to selfawareness, collaboration, and innovation, AmyK helps leaders establish a deliberate road map to achieving personal and professional success.”

Michael Limauro, Vice President, Asset Protection, Whole Foods Market


    Practical tools meet high-vibe energy.

    I love nothing more than connecting teams of women with the tools & resources to go further, achieve greater goals, and create a broader impact.