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How to Use Your Voice: 12 Strategies for being HEARD at Work

Discover EXACTLY what to say and do when: someone takes credit for your good idea, won’t
let go of the proverbial Talking Stick, or rudely interrupts you before you’re done speaking.
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    Making it to the upper levels of business is rarely easy …

    But you’ve worked hard to get where you are today— and you and your coworkers deserve to succeed while feeling & being your best.

    You’ve searched high and low for trustworthy
    (and relatable) resources geared toward
    lifting up women in the workplace.


    With most books written by men and most CEO positions held by dudes, you’ve gotten used to learning from incredibly smart males …

    (Nothing against ‘em—they’ve taught you a lot!)

    But nothing quite compares to mentorship from someone who just gets it …

    Someone who’s been in your shoes & climbed the same rungs of the corporate ladder …

    A woman who gets it—and gets you, too.

    It’s time to be unapologetically you …
    and shine for the unique value you bring to the table.

    I’m the corporate exec turned keynote speaker in sparkly
    sneakers rockin’ a blazer, blowing minds & igniting brilliance with coaching & training that helps women (and men, too!) to be brilliant in business & happy in life.

    I nerd out over helping women:

    Use their voice in the boardroom to bring their unique perspective to business …

    Dig deep into their own experiences and psyche to unearth the patterns of thinking, acting, and speaking that are holding them back in life …

    And, finally, stand confidently in who they are and who they’re meant to be … without caving to anyone else’s expectations.

    Here’s what that really means …

    I’m not just spouting off girl power mumbo-jumbo that makes you feel good—we’ve got real work to do.

    It’s time to embrace your identity & cultivate the career (and life) you really want—that’s where I come in:


    Knowing what you want from your life & career is taking a position of power & leadership—I’ll help you confidently identify where you want to go, so you can navigate the path to get there more peacefully.


    Everyone likes to talk about worklife balance as if it means shutting your laptop every day at 5 pm and pouring a glass of wine—instead, I’ll help you establish your priorities so your focus is always in the right place at the right time.


    Being brilliant isn’t just being smart (which you are)—it’s also about the energy you bring to any environment you enter. This little light of yours? It’s time to let it shine. I’ll show you how to show up and be captivatingly radiant in every aspect of life.

    Real clients.
    Real results.

    Real clients.
    Real results.

    “AmyK is a master storyteller… and she presents with the energy of an athlete. We loved her presentation and already invited her back!”

    Shelly Pisors, Vice President, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Comerica Bank

    “AmyK is the mentor and coach I had been hoping for my entire career. Not only is she brilliant, but her direct approach coupled with her authentic compassion challenges me with every conversation. She is a living unicorn in the business & coaching world."

    Jacquelyn Oldham, VP of Product Development & Integration, Unleashed Brands

    “AmyK’s already had such a positive impact on my life – professionally and personally. The skills and tips I’m learning get me results! The results from AmyK’s Inner Circle Program have been stellar. It’s truly helped me and my team up our game. Her skills and approach have made us more accountable, actionable, and overall morale has increased dramatically. All of this attributed to our overall company’s growth from $8M to over $22M in just one year – and all during the pandemic as well.”

    Hollis Bufferd, CEO, Starhill Financial

    “AmyK’s Inner Circle Mastermind provides tangible results in a short period. AmyK’s ability to assist in identifying root-cause issues allows for actionable steps with lasting results. After every session I have gained insight that accelerates our mission.”

    Jenifer Kincart Jonsson, Vice President, A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure

    “AmyK’s presentation, “Tools to Tackle Tough Conversations,” marked the largest participation of all Athena’s digital programs. AmyK’s tangible techniques and unbelievable energy gave our members a sense of empowerment to use their voice and assert their personal agency. AmyK is a force for all leaders in their continuous march towards selfmastery.”

    Holly Smithson, CEO, Athena

      The steps to SELF-LEADERSHIP are simple.


      It all starts with asking yourself the ‘right’ (as in the bigger, badder, better, bolder) questions & figuring out where certain patterns of thinking & action might come from.


      Next we identify your definition of fulfillment—your intersection of pleasure & purpose—to create ideal opportunities so you can shine at work and at home.


      When we actualize that internal work, it results in profound growth, better communication, easier self-management, and healthier relationships.

      I was born with a voice box, but it didn’t come with instructions …

      As a young girl, I was not confident, shy with my peers, insecure, and just entirely clueless about how to use my voice.

      I often said things upside down and inside out and rarely spoke up for myself.

      Early in my career, I misstepped a lot. But I also learned … a lot. As I grasped & struggled to “make it” I realized not knowing how to use my voice when I was young became my biggest WHY as an adult.

      Who knew the girl who felt awkward speaking up for herself would become a keynote speaker?!

      Today, I truly believe our greatest pain often presents our greatest gift.

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